Author: Emily Trujillo

I'm a 27 year old aspiring author with roots deep in New Mexico culture and a love for writing (I have a special passion for writing science fiction, but that's not what I'll be doing on this blog). I'm an eighth generation weaver as well as the daughter of award-winning weavers Irvin and Lisa Trujillo. I have a bachelor's degree (double major) in psychology and ethnology from the University of New Mexico, and I call Albuquerque home. My hobbies include figure skating, writing, drawing, longboarding, and guitar, and I'm a tapestry weaver by profession. I'm going to bring my own experience and perspective to this blog about Rio Grande weaving. My blog posts will be stories from my childhood and my experience growing up with spinning, dying, weaving, tradition, and my family and its rich culture. I will also be writing educational blurbs about the tradition and history behind this art form. I want to share what it means to be a part of this Hispanic family and what Rio Grande weaving is at its heart. I hope that you all partake in this adventure with me and enjoy!