Starting to Unfold Tradition

So we thought we’d take on blogging about what we do here at Centinela Traditional Arts.  There are a few of us here who can post, all of us with different points of view and expertise.  So we have a lot to say!  We like to think that what we do here matters to more than just us.  And we know that what we do here is more than a little mysterious to most people.  We firmly believe that your understanding more about our tradition, our process, and our materials, the more you’ll enjoy the beautiful work produced and sold here.

What we want to write about :

  • -where we are and what it’s like to live here    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • -the weaving process    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • -spinning wool     Fracisquita and Isidoro Trujillo Spinning 1929
  • -dyeing     My beautiful picture
  • -getting to know the weavers we work with and represent    IMG_0449
  • -the history we learn so much from

And we’re going to draw from some of the stuff we have already published

  • -our book, “The Centinela Weavers of Chimayo – Unfolding Tradition “
  • -“A Chimayo Weaver’s Manual” – that we teach from
  • -a loom design
  • -our website,

More importantly, we’ve old enough and experienced enough to have formed a lot of thoughtful opinions on these things.  And we’ve got lots of pictures to draw from too.  We hope to post about once a week.

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